My name is Raz.

Web Design / Photography / Videographer / Illustrator / Blogger

I’m a creative individual with skills in videography, photography, web design, digital design, illustrations, print design and video editing. With proficiency in using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, SketchApp, Final Cut Pro, MS Office, Excel, PowerPoint and more.

I don’t just stop there. I have created and taken a food blog, Halal Grubbin’, from zero to over 12k+ followers in a little over 7 months on Instagram. Managing to also create an audience of 1,000+ readers per month through the power of social media and SEO.

Web design and development, using WordPress, is another thing that I enjoy. I’ve created everything from eCommerce to creative agency websites. Check out some of my work!

Creating Social Media Content

Creating engaging content is important. What’s just as important is creating a story. A story delivers the message of your brand to your audience. It gets them engaged, talking and makes them connected. Watch the video to see some of my work done for other businesses to improve their social media engagement, quality and exposure.