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Welcome. Story Butter is a writing prompts blog that invites you to share stories and connect with other readers and writers. The concept is simple: we post a writing prompt, also referred to as a story starter, and then you respond with 1,000 words or less. We like to think of this site as sort of an idea factory -- we give you the basic pieces and then you build something amazing.

We're dedicated to improving the quality and broadness of the prompts so that writers of all genres can use the exact same prompt to deliver very different stories, because really that's the whole idea. This project started with one thought: what would happen if a room full of writers, all from different genres, were given an identical list of conflicts and then instructed to write anything they wanted.

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This is first and foremost a community of readers and writers. People come here to find inspiration, engage with fellow wordsmiths and share their opinions and stories. Story Butter is for students, parents, waitresses, post office workers -- anyone who likes to read and write. All you do to join: post a story or comment on another person's story. That's it.

We encourage writers to promote their books by posting stories to prompts. All ya gotta do is marry a prompt with the characters/plot of your book. It sounds easier than it is, but we believe in you.

Stick around a while and tell us some fun stories.

Our Name

What's in a name?

How we happened upon the name Story Butter is not a very entertaining tale, but it's one that we frequently explain because some people feel that the words "story" and "butter" don't naturally mix. Those people are wrong, of course.

So here's how it happened: the first eight hundred domain names we researched were taken, some were even selling for thousands of dollars. In a moment of frustration, we returned to the drawing board and started writing the names of random things that we love: Sherlock, lightning storms, porches, the list goes on. At some point we slapped the words "story" and "butter" together and it just made sense.