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Pirates and a Cruise Ship

Pirate Ship | Writing Prompt | Story Butter
Pirates and a Cruise Ship

17th century pirates pass through a time portal and find themselves nearby a modern cruise ship. Tell us what happens next.

Sensory Loss

Writing Prompt | Losing Eyesight | Story Butter
Sensory Loss

On five small, separate scraps of paper write down the five senses: sound, sight, touch, smell and taste. Now turn the pieces over so that you cannot see the text. Choose a single scrap at random.

Write a story about the loss of that sense. For instance, if you chose the “sight” piece of paper, write about someone who is losing or has lost their vision.

Photo: Laura Lawson Visconti. Laura is slowly losing her vision due to a rare degenerative eye condition called retinitis pigmentosa. Since her diagnosis in 2010, she has striven to bring hope to the blind and low vision community.

An Infatuated OS

Smart House Technology | Artificial Intelligence | Writing Prompt | Story Butter
An Infatuated OS

In the not so distant future, wealthier families live in homes with superior technology. These “smart homes,” as their called, have operating systems with artificial intelligence.

Tell us about an operating system that has a crush on his/her homeowner.

Photo: David Franck

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