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Let’s set a meeting, book a call.

Give us the content plan (or we’ll plan & build one out)

1st Draft will be presented in 3 Business Days.

Unlimited revisions.

Branded Social Media Posts.

Having branded content on your social media give a more authentic look and feel.

It makes your brand feel more professional & complete; increasing your trustworthiness and solidifying your message.

We take the stress and hassle of your backs.

Your brand, Our Priority.

How it works

All questions, requests & more.

A project is 1 week of content. We’ll plan content for 1 week & we’ll distribute accordingly.

Simple, our priority is to tell a story in your voice, feel and brand. We have to make it yours and that is our priority.

A detailed outline/brief + content plan & that is it.

A content plan is what content will come out per month. This will be a holistic overview of the content that will be posted on your social media platforms.

We’ll set up a call to guide you on your content plan.

They are image posts.

Melted plan: Up to 3 Social media posts per week.
Pro Plan: Up to 5 Social media posts per week.

Yes, but only with the Pro Plan.

We do not with these plans. However, we do video editing services – here.

Melted plan: Up to 2 Business Days per project (week of content)
Pro Plan: Up to 2 Business Days per project (week of content)

As per the plan:

Melted Plan: Up to 3 Revisions per project
Pro Plan: Unlimited


Melted plan: Up to 2 Different Sizes.
Pro Plan: Up to 5 Different Sizes.


For Creatives. For Content Creators.


  • 4 Projects
  • 3 Posts/Week
  • 3 Revisions
  • 2 Export Sizes
  • Dedicated Manager


  • 4 Projects
  • 5 Posts/Week
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • 5 Export Sizes
  • Carousel Posts Incl.
  • Dedicated Manager

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