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Send us the project request & project files.

You’ll be receiving a first draft in 2-3 days!

You’ve got unlimited revisions.

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Youtube is our strength

Are you a youtube creator, looking to offload your video editing?

Let us take care of the creative production, so you can focus on creating inspiring content! We’ll handle the video editing and production needs, while you continue to create great content for your audience.

No stress Involved!

How it works

All questions, requests & more.

A project is a 1 video.

This is called a project as it is treat it like one. From the brief, to the content creation, approval & more.

Simple, our priority is to tell a story in your voice, feel and brand. We have to make it yours and that is our priority.

We’ve got 2 plans:

Melted plan: 0-10 Minutes of running time.
Pro Plan: 0-20 Minutes of running time.

Yes! That is our speciality.

We edit the following videos:

– Youtube Vlogs
– Youtube Videos
– Tiktoks
– Instagram videos
– Real estate videos
– Drone footage
– Ads
– More

Simply upload the raw footage, a detailed outline/brief & that is it.

Normal process takes up to 2-3 Business days.

However, for a documentary/series (which require more editing) will take up to 9 days

As per the plan:

Melted plan: Up to 3 Revisions
Pro Plan: Unlimited

1 Project at a time, regardless of the plan.

Da vinci resolve for video editing.

Yes we do, however, it is very highly advised to provide your own footage.

Depends on the animation. If you’re looking at cartoon type animation, that is a no. We do not do cartoon animation/ infographics. If you need that, get in touch with support.

However, we do have very high quality transitions, text and shape animations & more.

Yes, we include the thumbnails in our services.


Melted plan: Up to 2 Sizes
Pro Plan: Up to 5 Sizes

Yes we do!

Kindly check out this page.


For Creatives. For Content Creators.


  • 3 Revisions
  • 0-10 mins Running Time
  • 15 GB Storage
  • 2 Export Sizes
  • Up to 2 Documentaries
  • Dedicated Manager


  • Unlimited Revisions
  • 0-20 mins Running Time
  • 40 GB Storage
  • 5 Export Sizes
  • Up to 4 Documentaries
  • Dedicated Manager

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